Making Money Online for Retirees

So, you’ve finally retired. You got the golden watch and they threw you a party (do they even do that anymore?). It’s something most of us look forward to all our working lives. But, after a couple of years of doing whatever your heart desires, whether it’s golfing, reading, catching up on movies, taking cooking classes, visiting the kids and grandkids, or doing a bit of traveling, you’re bored. Let’s talk about that!

Your Brain Needs to Exercise, Too

Are you looking to be challenged mentally again? A lot of retirees miss the “brain work” they employed when they were at a job. When you’re retired, mundane daily situations don’t really challenge us to use our grey matter that much.

The medical community agrees that our brains need to be stimulated in order to stave off detrimental changes as we age. The more you use your brain the healthier it will be. As they say, “Use it or Lose it”!

Here’s a short article from the Harvard Medical School that details the 12 things we should do to keep our brains healthy. Number one on the list? Mental stimulation. Learn a new language, or a musical instrument, or you could start a new career.

To be honest, when I retired I decided that I would learn French. And, well, at this point I do know a few phrases and a lot of words but I’m nowhere near fluent in it. I lost interest in learning this difficult language about six months into the lessons.

I also play the guitar and piano somewhat competently, but it’s not something to which I want to dedicate hours a day. It’s fun and relaxing now and then, but am I going to learn to the point where I can perform? Not likely. To me the fun was in the learning stages.

What I discovered is that I really wanted a new career. I missed working and learning new things. And today, you can work online and not have to commute, plus you get the satisfaction of owning your own business online.

Creating Your Own Business Online

One of the best online jobs for retirees is affiliate marketing. You will use every skill you’ve accumulated in your lifetime of working, and then learn many new skills on top of that.

Do you want to learn how to build a website and join the fascinating online world of affiliate marketing? Or, just have your own social blog where you can connect with others (on which you can put an ad or two and a earn bit of money each month)?

If you love learning and have always wondered about creating your own niche in the World Wide Web, this is the route to go.

What did you do in your former working life? I bet you accumulated a ton of knowledge in your field. What hobbies are you passionate about? When most people enjoy doing something, they tend to learn a lot about that activity, usually just as much as they can possibly discover about it.

What I’m driving at here, is that by the time you retire you’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge. And you can use that knowledge to write content for your new website or blog.

Why Retirees Are Perfect For This Field

Well, the aforementioned lifetime accumulation of knowledge is key to success here. And retirees usually have quite a bit of time that they can dedicate to the process of building out a website. Also the patience and work ethic that you’ve acquired over the years will be tested to the max as you’re learning how to do affiliate marketing.

This is just a generalization, but most older people will be more likely to stick with a lesson program and see it through to the end than say, a Millennial. And I know there are many, many smart and patient Millennials out there in the world. I’m not saying they’re all a bunch of impatient people. Far from it.

What I am saying is, that by the time you’ve reached a certain age you’ve learned how to handle what seem to be intractable problems. You know how to approach tasks and projects in a logical way and see it through to the end.

You understand that if a lot of people have figured out how to do something, then you can, too. You have confidence in your abilities to find the solutions.

You have the resilience to come back from a failure and try again. Once you decide to do something you have the determination to see it through. At least long enough to see if it’s what you truly want to do. No one’s saying that you have to stick with something you don’t enjoy, and you have the wisdom to understand that, too.

All You Need to Succeed

You need everything I described above, plus a top-notch training program. And that training program is Wealthy Affiliates.

If you want, surf around the web and take a look at all the affiliate marketing training programs out there. There are a lot of them, no doubt about it. But they’re not all great. In fact some of them are parked right on the edge of Scamville.

Many of these training programs will give you a hard sell to join the program, demand you shell out a lot of money, and then give you very thin training. They’ll tell you that you’ll need to pay a lot more money to get their “secrets” and “special, professional” training. And they’ll have several levels of training to “upsell” you on.

I wrote about these ripoff companies a bit in this post: Scammy Affiliate Marketing Training Sites to Avoid.  So I won’t elaborate on it here, but just suffice it to say that you want to avoid them like the plague.

You can ask anyone who has joined Wealthy Affiliates (WA) what they went through personally prior to finding this extensive training. We all have similar stories, have lost money, have been discouraged and wanted to give up. But then we somehow stumbled upon WA.

What Wealthy Affiliate Costs, Right Up Front

You can join for free and you have a week to look everywhere around the website and join live chat, and you can do the first module of training. You can also have two websites hosted for free on the site. After a week there are some things you can’t access on the site, like live chat and the rest of the training modules, but you can still have your two websites with free domain names for as long as you like.

Then, if after a week you decide you don’t like what you see or decide it’s not for you, okay. Thank you very much for looking and have a nice life. No one is going to try and force you to pay for anything.

But, if you do like what you see and want to get serious about it you can get a Premium Membership for the first month for $19, then $49 a month after that. Or, you can do $359 for a year up front. (You will also want to purchase your own .com domain name at $13.99 a year, or you can use the domain names for free. (That’s peanuts in the grand scheme of things.)

That’s it. Free or $49 a month/$359 a year.  You can’t even get decent (as in managed) web hosting for that much anywhere else.

With Wealthy Affiliate you get:

  • Hours of Detailed Training Videos
  • Website hosting
  • Writing Advice
  • Marketing Advice
  • Detailed Explanations About Online Marketing
  • Unlimited Help When You Need It
  • 1,000,000 Images for Your Sites
  • And More

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

Check it out and see what it’s about! Click on the graphic below and sign up for your free membership and change your life today.

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