What Jaaxy is and How it Works

You may have seen this word used here and there in some of my posts and wondered what the heck Jaaxy is. I’m going to show you what it is, how it works, and why it’s a great tool to get your website ranked by Google.

Jaaxy is a Keyword Search Tool

Ever wondered how some people get their websites listed (ranked) on the first page of a Google search? They use keywords. And there are tools that will help you figure out what keywords people are using to search for things, but Jaaxy is one of the best tools around.

Here’s a simple example of how a Jaaxy search for a key word for “SLR camera” would work and help you find a low-competition keyword. Assume you are going to do a review site for SLR cameras and you want to find the best, low competition keywords for that site.

The six column headings and their meanings are as follows:

  • Average – Average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.
  • Traffic – Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines.
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results: The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is great, Yellow is okay, Red is poor.
  • SEO – A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (1-100, higher = better)
  • Domains – Availability of the domains related to the keyword.

So in our example in the image above, the keyword “slr camera” by itself will have an average of 6587 searches per month, with a likelihood of 1120 unique visitors to your website per month, and you have only 200 other websites competing with you using that exact same keyword phrase. It’s only average though, and has a score of 72 on the SEO Quality Indicator.

But, look at the keywords “compare digital slr cameras.” That keyword phrase only has 48 other websites competing with you, and it has a score of 98! Green light all the way on that one, and you can expect 31 visitors just from using this keyword phrase.

Also, the keyword phrase “cheap digital slr cameras” only has 25 competing sites and an SEO score of 99. You can’t get much better than that as far as an SEO score, but you are only going to get 13 visitors to your site if you rank on the first page of the search engine.

It also has a handy tool that tells you if there is a .com, .net. or .org domain name available with these keywords. That alone is a timesaver when you are starting out building a new website.

I almost forgot to mention the “Related” and the “Brainstorm” features that are available. When your imagination just shuts down and you can’t think of related keywords or terms these features are very helpful. I’ve used them many times.

What it All Means

What you are trying to do is use low competition keywords so that you will have less websites to compete with for those searches. When you write an article using the low competition keywords you have a much better chance of being ranked on the first page of the big search engines.

Being ranked on the first page means you are going to be getting traffic to your website, and traffic means conversions, and conversions mean money in your pocket.

It kind of goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway) that the more articles or posts you have with low competition keywords the more easy traffic you are going to reap from the search engines.

You Could Use the High Competition Keywords

And no one is saying that you can’t use the average scored SEO keywords, but you do have a lot more competition for the traffic, that’s for sure. In the beginning with a new website you really have to be strategic in generating traffic to your site from the search engines, but it can be done and Jaaxy is a great tool to find the right keywords to use.

In our example above, the keyword “slr camera” has 200 other websites using that keyword. Google sees your baby website with that keyword and says, “Meh, they don’t have much activity or traffic. We’re going to put this site on page 19.” I just googled “slr camera” and there were only 8 websites on the first page, and they were all the big guns – Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.

It’s really hard to compete with those guys, especially in the beginning. So you are much better off using a tool that tells you the keywords that other people haven’t thought of using but that still gets you traffic.

An Easy Way to Get the Jaaxy Tool

You could just go to Jaxxy’s website and sign up there, and this is how much their membership costs (per month):

  • Starter with 30 free searches – $0
  • Pro – $49
  • Enterprise – $99

Or you could join Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium level and get unlimited searches with the Jaaxy Lite program that is included in the membership. That’s what I have and I use it all the time. Believe me, when you are starting out you can go through 30 free searches fairly quickly.

If you are serious about building an internet affiliate business with your own website or blog, you will definitely want to acquire a tool like this. Click on the graphic below for your free membership with Wealthy Affiliates and you can check out this great keyword tool!

Does Any of This Make Sense?

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing and building an online business, and you start reading about all the “tools” involved in building a website, getting traffic to your site, and on and on and on, it can quickly get overwhelming to try and take it all in and make sense of it all.

That is the great thing about Wealthy Affiliate though. They show you step by step how to build your website, how to get the traffic, all the ins and outs that are involved in building an online business that uses affiliate links and more.

I have to be honest and tell you that when I first started I didn’t even know what SEO meant (it means Search Engine Optimization). But I learned quickly how important it was to understand this because it is key to getting you on that first page of the search engines, and thus getting traffic.

Now there are some people reading this that are much more savvy about building websites and blogs than I was. Those folks will recognize the value in Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting, Jaaxy tool, and the high level of knowledge and experience available when it comes to building affiliate websites.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here, which was the Jaaxy keyword search tool. But it all ties in together and WA has it all.

If you’re interested in getting a free membership to Wealthy Affiliate click on the graphic above and it will take you right to the sign up page. I think you’ll be happy you did!

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